Important Download and Setup Instructions
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ProSignal Charting Software
Click the Download Now link (below) and select 'Run' to download and install ProSignal Charting Software. Once installed, to access the Charting Software, click on the icon on your computer's desktop and use your registered ID and Password to log in.
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Version 1.908.634
Total Download Size 10MB
ProSignal Automated Execution (AutoEx) Software
Currently in Beta

ProSignal Automated Execution requires an additional software installation (FXOrder2Go). You are not required to install FXOrder2Go for the Charting Software to work. However, you will receive an error message 'FXCM core failed to initialize' when you open the charting software if FXOrder2Go is not installed. This message can be ignored if you do not intend to use AutoEx. Click the following link and select 'Run' to download and install the FXOrder2Go software:

Total Download Size 1.3MB

ProSignal SMS Email Alert Notification Software

ProSignal will deliver SMS notification of our automated alerts to your email or cell phone. The first time you open the charts you will receive a series of messages indicating that your are not subscribed to signals. You are not required to subscribe to SMS notification for the charting software to work. If you do not wish to receive SMS notification you can ignore the SMS subscribe messages. In order to receive SMS notification you must log in (using your registered ID and Password) to the SMS setup page. Click the following link to go subscribe to SMS notification:

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